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Flee the City to the American Redoubt!

Tired of the left-wing ANTIFA terrorists interrupting your peaceful life? Are you seeking the freedom to be left alone on your property without the jackbooted city zoning folks telling you that your new bbq pit and deck needs a permit? Maybe you just want to drive around with an AR15 and body armor on your front seat ‘just in case’. Well, then maybe you should consider Fleeing the City to the American Redoubt! Visit us at American Redoubt and see what Idaho and Montana have to offer!...Read More


THE WORLD’S SECOND GREATEST THREAT By Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief As readers of this Brief should already know by now, the world’s greatest threat is the globalist Deep State conspiracy which has (and is strengthening) a stranglehold on our liberties which it pretends is only necessary to save us from all crises, including this exaggerated virus. This week I will present to you powerful evidence of the second greatest threat. I am going to take you on a dark journey through the m...Read More

Virus Shutdown Rebellion Begins!

THE VIRUS SHUTDOWN REBELLION BEGINS Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief This week spontaneous protests began outside the state capitols of Michigan, Wyoming, Ohio, Texas, Oregon, Indiana, California and elsewhere. It is about time! Americans have been far too passive, too long about these stay at home, and business shutdown orders, which are unconstitutional and illegal. Many states are enacting still stricter measures including Wisconsin and Virginia. The Utah legislature is meeting in special se...Read More

4-12-2020 NEWS SHORTS from the World Affairs Brief

FALSIFICATION OF COVID 19 NUMBERS CONTINUES As I watch both alternative news sources and mainstream news shows, it is like watching two completely different worlds—one (that only a few people see) where independent reporters and analysts ask the right questions, challenge the official narrative and discover truthful answers; and the other world (that reaches the majority) where reporters constantly hype the fear of Covid 19, exaggerate the danger, and present a picture of compliance as if everyo...Read More

North Idaho Review

Authored by Joel Skousen (Strategic Relocation)  As you contemplate relocation to a safe area you should carefully consider what threats you are seeking to mitigate.  I cover the full range of threats in Strategic Relocation—including some very serious ones that few have on their radar (a future nuclear world war with Russia and China, for example). In your assessment you need to consider many competing factors, including acceptable climate, distance to town and needed services, ...Read More

Book Review: High Security Shelter

Overview Joel Skousen is perhaps THE leading author in the survival and preparedness movement when it comes to secure home construction and design. Skousen’s professional work in secure home design really shines in this book covering a single specific design point: the high security shelter. General knowledge, or highly specific? Highly Specific. Level of Detail? Highly detailed / very technical. Readability? Good; 4 out of 5. Dense and detailed but easy to follow. Immediate...Read More

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First and foremost this site is available for the benefit of all Americans that seek refuge from not only the current pandemic but many other threats to our way of life. As we launch the site please consider joining as a member to read Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places online and learn valuable insights from others on the Community Forums. There is no cost to join the Community Forums and we encourage everyone to sign up and begin to share and ask questions that the commu...Read More

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