Strategic Relocation 1 Hour Consulting w/Joel Skousen – $90.00

Are you in need of specific help in determining the best approach for your Strategic Relocation? Talk with Joel Skousen himself and get your initial questions answered about the best region, state and locale for your personal wants and needs. After which, you may chose to hire Mr. Skousen for more in-depth consulting including architectural/design services if desired. This is your chance to speak with the guru of Strategic Relocation!

Survival Retreat 30 Minute Consulting w/ Todd Savage – $50.00

After speaking with Joel Skousen you may wish to talk with Todd Savage, owner of Survival Retreat Consulting and Black Rifle Real Estate. Mr. Savage will help guide you thru specific parameters for your property search and cover topics such as Water, Energy, Food and Defense. Then, as you move forward, Black Rifle Real  Estate can begin to help you with either a referral to a Libery-minded Real Estate agent or if you are moving to the American Redoubt (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming or Utah) can help with specific consulting and representation upon request.