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This topic area is to discuss general Strategic Relocation such as what areas are best and why and tips for others in their research. Basically a general discussion about the relocation process. PLEASE use the STATE SPECIFIC threads for such. Thank you.

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I've been listening to/reading Joel Skousen's work for several years now, having first heard him on interviews with Alex Jones.  I retired in 2017, having lived in California for most of my life.  Been with the same fellow (Robert) for nearly 30 years, who has 4 kids, 3 granddogs, and a 5th grandchild on the way.  All live in the East Bay.  I had hoped that we could stay in Sonoma County for the rest of our lives, but with the lockdowns (which I knew from Day One would be permanent), and virtually the entire population in this county ready to take a knee for Black Lives Matter, I feel as if I've been dropped into a dystopian country with no escape.  I have been verbally attacked a few times even when following the masking rules by overzealous Karen's (male and female) who don't understand that you can wear a bandana or be outside without a mask, to the point where I dread even leaving the house anymore.  Bottom line is that I can't live like this much longer, let alone for the rest of my life.  I am fully aware of the fact that the beta tests to probe how far they can push us, like they did in 2009 with H1N1, are now over.  Our takedown has fully commenced, and the only move now is forward until we as Americans are done.  My take on this is that my area will be one of the first to go.

I'm narrowing down my areas of escape to Northern California and perhaps southern Idaho.  California is on my list because Robert's kids are in the Bay Area, and I have refused to fly since 9/11.  If I were to move, say, to Sandpoint, I will likely not see his family very much anymore, and he won't move that far away.  I say southern Idaho because it seems to have a longer growing season than the north.  The thinking is that perhaps we can buy one property in each area.  Or worst case, I may have to go it alone if California gets too bad.  I do have the book, Strategic Relocation, and it gives some guidance.  But I need something more specific, comparable to the 'North Idaho Review' on this site:

So my question is this, and it is addressed to Mr. Skousen.  I would like to sign up with a membership, but will I have access to this sort of review for the areas I'm interested in?  I'm ready to rent a place right now in order to check an area out, but would appreciate more info before I make my move.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me with this.