Virus Shutdown Rebellion Begins!


Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief

This week spontaneous protests began outside the state capitols of Michigan, Wyoming, Ohio, Texas, Oregon, Indiana, California and elsewhere. It is about time! Americans have been far too passive, too long about these stay at home, and business shutdown orders, which are unconstitutional and illegal. Many states are enacting still stricter measures including Wisconsin and Virginia. The Utah legislature is meeting in special session to pass more emergency laws, this time trying to grant county and city Mayors total power to control property and individuals for 14 days in an emergency. But what that means, by implication, is that the current emergency orders by the SLC Mayor shutting down the city and ordering people to stay at home, over a month ago and projected until July, has been and IS patently illegal, otherwise why propose a new bill to grant those specific emergency powers? People need to start demanding answers from these petty tyrants, and defying illegal mandates. Get outside and protest. Let them know we aren’t going to comply, except as we deem necessary on our own. I have started contacting my representatives with short, concise messages letting them know the Covid 19 numbers are being exaggerated by flawed testing and the improper assignment of the cause of death to the virus, encouraging them to speak up for the economic victims of this false crisis and not to vote for emergency powers. With good information, many are coming on board with the truth.

Although the media chooses to either evade coverage of the protests or denigrate them as if they were endangering themselves and the world, they will continue to grow. So far, the PTB are stupidly pushing back harder and threatening longer stay-at-home orders, followed by intensive tracking and dangerous new DNA vaccines. I am hoping they push so hard that people will really rebel and become much more resistant the next time they try to destroy liberty in the name of an overblown pandemic.

As I pointed out in prior briefs, one of the reason why doctors are all on board the hype about the claimed high death rate of Covid 19 is that they are all listening to mainstream media and CDC reports of coronavirus deaths, which have, since February, been attributing almost all deaths with flu symptoms to Covid 19. But even the CDC admits that almost everyone who dies of the Covid 19 list died from chronic disease or immodeficiency, with “complications of the Coronavirus.” But even the latter isn’t true, because of the false positives that are so common with Covid 19 tests. 

Another reason for the inflated numbers is that the degree to which states get federal money from the government bailout package depends on how many Covid 19 cases they report —thus the rush to test. As Pastor Chuck Baldwin reported on Thursday, 

Now we learn that medical professionals, most of whom are employed by hospital monopolies, have a personally vested reason to participate in the dishonest practice of fudging corona numbers upward. States are being given government (read: taxpayer) stimulus dollars for each corona case reported. 

In Florida, the State receives $132,000 for each reported case of corona. In Nebraska, Minnesota and Montana, the State receives over $300,000 for each reported case of corona. The difference in the amounts received is based on some weird government bureaucrat-created voodoo Medicare formula. The point is, hospitals are being financially rewarded for identifying people as contracting or dying from corona—whether they actually contracted the virus or not.

A perfect example of perverse incentives to link more deaths to this coronavirus. Another perverse incentive involves Medicare patients. Dr. Scott Jensen reported that, 

“Right now Medicare has determined that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you’ll get paid $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, you get $39,000; three times as much. Nobody can tell me, after 35 years in the world of medicine, that sometimes those kinds of things [don’t have an] impact on what we do…

The Backlog in SBA Free Loans

Meanwhile, businesses hurt by these shutdowns are frustrated at the huge bureaucratic backlog trying to get banks to approve these “forgivable” SBA loans. Because it is very difficult in this deluge of applications for banks to investigate which applications are fraudulent, many of the big banks are turning down applications from anyone except known customers. Other banks have already loaned out their quota of free money and have stopped taking applications. The Trump administration is saying they are going to expand the eligible institutions from the big 8 FED connected banks, to lesser banks and Savings and Loans to solve the backlog. 

Good luck with that. There is no bureaucracy large enough to handle all these millions of applications building up. Fraud is inevitable. Almost no one has received any money yet, and they are getting desperate and angry. This is good because it will make them more skeptical of future shutdowns with the promise of a bailout.

Recall petitions growing in conservative states

Michigan has the largest recall movement against the nation’s most outrageous, dogmatic and insensitive governor. Idaho has started one against liberal Republican governor Brad Little, and I encourage all Idaho patriots to sign. The only way Little was elected in conservative Idaho is that conservatives split their vote between two conservative candidates in a 3-way race. Other recall petitions will undoubtedly follow if governors don’t stop their emergency antics soon.

Stay at Home Orders Illegal or Unconstitutional 

While some states are already getting the protest message and starting to talk about freeing up the economy, others are getting more draconian. It doesn’t get more unconstitutional than in North Carolina when cops threatened to arrest protestors for “Unauthorized free speech,”

There is no finer example of how governors got talked into unconstitutional shutdown and stay at home orders than in New Jersey. Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that he “wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights” when he imposed social distancing orders in his state that included a ban on religious gatherings.

The easiest way to get legislators to counter these emergency powers is NOT  to get them try and undo them completely, which would be resisted heavily, but to introduce an amendment which specifically blocks any official edicts that violate citizen rights.  Here’s a simple language example to suggest to them as an amendment to existing laws: 

No emergency powers granted herein shall be construed or interpreted to allow a violation of the fundamental rights guaranteed to citizens in Article (…) of the (state) Constitution or any of the Bill of rights of the United States Constitution.”

Look for opportunities to be part of the solution.  You’d be surprised at how many rural legislators are looking for this kind of help. Now is the time to stand up and make your voice heard. It could make all the difference in showing others how to resist dictatorial edicts and defend our way of life.

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