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As I watch both alternative news sources and mainstream news shows, it is like watching two completely different worlds—one (that only a few people see) where independent reporters and analysts ask the right questions, challenge the official narrative and discover truthful answers; and the other world (that reaches the majority) where reporters constantly hype the fear of Covid 19, exaggerate the danger, and present a picture of compliance as if everyone is passively going along with this shutdown as dutiful “global citizens” because “we are all in this together.” 

Every mainstream news channel, both national and local, is parroting the same line, alternating between graphs showing the rising number of Covid 19 cases and deaths, and concerned citizens pledging to continue sacrificing until the government finally comes up with another “wonderful” vaccine to save them. Rarely do we hear about the millions who are starting to rebel at these unconstitutional restrictions on liberty. Never do we hear about the increasing evidence that the Covid 19 test captures a lot of other coronaviruses as well, yielding thousands of false positives. Worst of all, the mainstream media never tells us how thousands of death certificates are being falsely attributed to Covid 19, in order to hype the death rate.


President Trump has seen enough of the coverage on Fox News to learn that the World Health Organization (WHO) has been covering for China’s accidental release of the virus from their weapons lab, as well as China’s many false claims early on about the virus not being contagious or dangerous, and downplaying the epidemic in Wuhan. On Tuesday Trump came out with strong criticism of the WHO

Tuesday, Trump criticized the WHO as slow to respond to the crisis, and repeatedly said the organization has been “China-centric.” He complained that the WHO “receives vast amounts of money from the United States” and that the organization “called it wrong.”

“They could have called it months earlier,” he said. “They would have known and they should have known and they probably did not. So we’ll be looking into that very carefully.” 

Trump is right. The reason the WHO is so China-centric is partly because China lobbied to have one of their African puppets, Dr. Tedros, be put in as the head of the WHO, as the Daily Mail reported. They explain how China lobbied to put this non-doctor in as head of this global “health” organization. This should come as no surprise. A great many UN agencies are run by communists.

Tedros Ghebreyesus is Director-General of the WHO and [is] leading [the] global response to [the] coronavirus pandemic. He studied in the UK before serving at the top of Ethiopia’s government and was part of hard-left TPLF party (pro-communist). During that time, contributions by China to Ethiopia via various UN programmes increased dramatically.

In 2017 he was elected to lead the WHO, amid allegations of heavy lobbying by Chinese diplomats. His response to the pandemic has been heavily criticised, particularly his praise for China’s government… and refusing to criticize China’s suppression of the outbreak and arresting Chinese doctors blowing the whistle on the communist government. 

Dr Tedros – who has never practised as a medical doctor – is a career politician who was born in what is now Eritrea, studied in the UK, then rose to the top of Ethiopia’s government first as Health Minister and then Foreign Minister before being elected to lead the WHO in 2017.

The Epoch Times (an anti-Communist News source by Chinese-American dissidents) produced a comprehensive documentary on the Chinese origins of the virus, the operation of the Wuhan BIO4 weapons lab and the evils of the Communist Party in prohibiting any release of information or cooperation with international organizations. It is hard-hitting about the real situation in China. 

Trump has vowed to cut off funding for the WHO, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, chairman of the powerful Senate Appropriation Committee Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs vowed no funding for the WHO in the next appropriations bill.

Donald Trump Fires Acting Navy Secretary: Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly flew all the way out to Guam in order to relieve the Captain of the carrier USS Rosevelt of his command, after his plea to the Navy Department to allow his infected crew members to get off the ship in Guam was leaked to the press. The Navy had denied his request initially, and the Navy brass suspected he had leaked his denied request to the media in order to get action. 

Acting Secretary Modly took the opportunity to criticize the Captain for being “naive or stupid” for thinking his communication wouldn’t leak out and took the next 45 minutes to lecture the crew about how he had to relieve the captain of his command—a career ending proposition in the Navy. The crew reacted with booing and jeers. They considered Captain Brett Crozier a hero for standing up for his crew’s welfare before the Navy brass. When Modly’s self-serving address finally ended and Captain Crozier descended the walkway, the crew spontaneously erupted in cheers. 

When Modly got back to Washington, he was brought before an outraged President Trump and summarily fired. Technically, he was “allowed to resign” so as to save face, but everyone in the Navy knows it was because of his self serving speech, grandstanding and demeaning of a well-respected officer. I don’t know what will happen to Crozier but he should get his command reinstated. That probably won’t happen as the military brass never likes to admit error. 

Media Criticizes Trump for Firing Inspector General at the State Dept. The mainstream media had only negative coverage of Trump’s firing of Michael Atkinson as IG for the State Dept. Atkinson took up the false cause of the CIA mole in the Trump administration that started the whole Ukraine impeachment scandal—sounding the alarm to Congress last September. Now, the media are crying foul that the Intel community is without an Inspector General.

But they conveniently forget about their total silence during Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State when she refused to fill the Inspector General vacancy at State—to make sure no one would be watching over her illegal activities there (including the email scandal). 

EU Trying to Float their Own Bailout Scheme: Using the coronavirus scare as justification and following somewhat the example of the US FED, the EU is trying to talk member states into authorizing the EU into floating a huge issue of Eurobonds. They don’t have the same monetary power of the FED to simply inflate the Euro as the FED does to create dollars, so they are turning to bonds. This is actually a key next step in power that the EU has always wanted to do in becoming a global government—claiming the power to create debt on the backs of EU citizens, but the financial sector of Germany, the Netherlands and others are balking hard. As one of my British contacts wrote, 

The German Constitutional Court as implied that Eurobonds would be ruled illegal by that court if the German Government were ever to sign up to them in future and were to be challenged… However… since that 2012 ruling some German academic lawyers (pro-EU)— in the minority, have continued to argue that Eurobonds would somehow be consistent with the Federal Basic Law.

Since the sudden flurry of talk about Eurobonds began last month, the tenor of the German business press has been that they are unconstitutional as far as Germany is concerned… Article 125 of the Lisbon Treaty prohibits [the issuance of] government bonds by the EU; no change to that no-bailouts clause is expected for the foreseeable future. Consequently, the German Constitutional Court would ban common European Coronavirus bonds. As the German Government is very well aware of this, it will never acquiesce to [Eurobonds] in Brussels.

In the Netherlands, the conservative half of Parliament is determined to resist the introduction of Eurobonds with what seems like a comfortable majority if it is ever put to a vote, and the political chatter here is much as it is in the German quality press: that Berlin would never sign up to Eurobonds either.

[Trouble is,] The ECJ of course resolutely insists that it alone is competent to adjudicate the meaning of EU treaty texts in the event of such a dispute between member states or between Brussels and a member state, but the German Constitutional Court has a tradition of insisting that it has the final say in such matters for Germany.

It will be interesting to see which way this goes. But it is good to see that the EU banks don’t have the capability of unlimited money creation as does the FED.

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