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First and foremost this site is available for the benefit of all Americans that seek refuge from not only the current pandemic but many other threats to our way of life.

As we launch the site please consider joining as a member to read Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places online and learn valuable insights from others on the Community Forums.

There is no cost to join the Community Forums and we encourage everyone to sign up and begin to share and ask questions that the community can help answer. Joel Skousen will, from time to time, join the forums and answer questions as well. There are also sections for Barter and Real Estate too.

For a small fee you may join as a Silver member and get access to Mr. Skousen’s Strategic Relocation book for reading here on the site. We also offer two other memberships that allow you to read all of Mr. Skousen’s books online and receive a personal consulting call from Joel himself.

Please join us as we help each other navigate and survive this current pandemic and prepare for others in the future. Go to the Membership tab and join the Strategic Relocation family!

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